Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What were you expecting from the word holiday?

Breaks with no assignments and lots of movies to be watched?

Is that it? Or 24/7 freedom where you’re not bond to any rules set by your ‘beloved’ institutes or universities?

we always say:

- can't wait for the holiday, bunch of things to do.. yeye..

- this hols gonna be the best ever. free from all the prisoning rules.. yeah!


Whatever you say, you yourselves know that it is all lies..

At the moment u read this, I can tell u how much u misses your universities /college /ipg /etc already. Of course you don’t miss the lecture hours or the nosy n fussy lecture. You didn’t miss the buildings which why the place is called your universities /college/ ipg/etc too. What u misses the most is your precious time there with all your friends..

The memories that u can’t repeat at home. The lame activities in the noon or night (that is what we call gossip hours. Hehe).

Ahh, can’t wait to finish this holiday. we ‘hate’ you 'study place'… but we miss you. See you soon…

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